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I aim to make music accessible to students regardless of their location or learning style. I firmly believe that every person should have the means to bring the enriching experience of music education into their lives. By fostering divergent thinking, we as teachers create a pedagogy that truly embraces the idea that every child has the capacity to learn and play music.

It’s time to break free from the confines of narrow-minded thinking and embrace a new approach. My future-oriented instruction employs a diverse range of methods to cultivate convergent and synthesis-oriented thinking. Future-oriented thinking lies at the core of my school. I firmly believe that every student is capable of learning music, and so we teach, unteach, challenge conventions, and turn ideas upside down to empower students to create independently. This journey demands effort from both student and teacher, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Online learning, like traditional classroom learning, has its advantages and disadvantages. With the right setup, online learning brings the classroom experience to the comfort of your own home, providing a predictable learning environment and enhancing students’ ability to express their needs clearly. While there may be a learning curve associated with any new approach, online learning offers the flexibility and diverse perspectives necessary for a modern student.

I’m incredibly passionate about operating a business that not only uplifts humanity but also safeguards our precious environment.
Developing an Eco-friendly range of musical instruments and accessories has presented me with a tremendous undertaking, particularly when it comes to bows and cases. Fiberglass and carbon-fiber materials have become exceedingly prevalent in the production of these components. Unfortunately, these materials are non-recyclable, leaving us with limited alternatives. Additionally, products tailored for our animal conscious clientele often contain fiberglass and other plastics and compounds that are detrimental to our planet and its wildlife. It is of utmost importance to me that products for musicians serve as protectors of both the Earth and animal welfare.

This year I’m introducing my inaugural product, 1949, a string instrument elixir that is food-grade and non-toxic, specifically designed for cleaning and polishing instruments. Students are taught how to create this elixir in the comfort of their own homes. Bottles of 1949 can be ordered from the teacher.


Laura Nadine

I have the incredible fortune of waking up each day to pursue my true passion. At Studio Laura Nadine, we strive to create a harmonious blend of online and in-person music education that caters to diverse learning styles and embraces innovative teaching methodologies. Our goal is to ensure that the timeless beauty of music thrives in our rapidly evolving world. Gone are the days when music lessons and practice felt like a chore. We take pride in fostering a learning environment that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities, where students of all learning styles feel accepted and supported.


In March of 2020, I made the exciting move to Toronto, bringing with me nearly three decades of teaching experience to inspire and empower Canadian students. But our commitment to the future doesn’t stop there. At Enlightened Audio, we are dedicated to sustainability. Our eco-friendly product line features non-toxic violin conditioner, and we are currently in the prototype phase of developing a selection of environmentally conscious instruments that no longer rely on rainforest woods. Additionally, we are developing compostable instrument cases to minimize our ecological footprint.

As a professional musician, I remain actively engaged in the music industry. I have released an album of original compositions and am continuously composing film scores. Teaching music allows me to stay connected to the community while expanding my knowledge of various pedagogical styles.

Beyond music, I have pursued my other passions and achieved significant milestones. I am a published author of two books, and my life story has been captured in the biographical documentary, “The Shadow Listener,” directed by John Schaefer. On my blog,, I share a unique perspective as someone living with a disability, teaching students with disabilities, and raising a son with autism. I like to call it the “3 Shoes Perspective.”

In Toronto, Ontario, I reside with my husband Brian, who is a coach and athletic trainer, and my feline companion, Coda, who adds a touch of musical inspiration to our home. My children, Allana and Chey, have grown into young adults and are navigating their lives in New York City and Toronto, respectively.

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Ms Laura is an absolute gem

Ms Laura is an absolute gem, not only has my son started loving violin because of her, he actually looked forward to her classes. Wednesdays (when he had her class) was the only day I didnt have to drag him out of bed to finish up his schoolwork before her class. She is patient, kind and in Enzos words (goofy).. My son will definitely be doing more of her classes. If you have a kid who has ADHD this is the teacher for your kiddo.

Chantal M.



FANTASTIC class and teacher! I was super nervous about having my daughter start lessons online but she’s been waiting since kindergarten to be able to do 4th grade instruments. Pandemic schmandemic! Ms. Nadine made this a great experience and I have never been so happy to be surprised!

Michele D.


She is a skilled teacher

It is hard to imagine being taught violin online (especially for beginners) but Ms. Nadine does it! She is a skilled teacher, fun, captivating, and provides individual attention and feedback. My son adores her class and cannot wait for the next session!



I was blown away

I was blown away by how Laura was able to teach the kids to get comfortable with handling the violin and introduce sheet music from the beginning in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. She was beyond patient and incredibly helpful with giving pointers to improve sound, etc. my son is excited to continue learning and move onto the next level.

Kim I.


Excellent class and teacher!

Excellent class and teacher! My girls love this classes and want to continue to the next level every time is over. They learned a lot of new skills and music. I highly recommend Laura.



We are extremely pleased

We have absolutely loved this class. Laura is so warm and patient with the kids. In addition, she made tremendous progress with them through the weeks in class. We are extremely pleased with what our student was able to accomplish.

Angela D.


Exceptional experience!

Exceptional experience! High quality educator with ample knowledge which she excitedly share in each and every lesson. My daughter has thrived in each class and has developed a passion and talent for the violin that is impressive! Highly recommend Teacher Laura’s classes.

Janet R.


The whole world opened up for my child

I can never say enough about how Laura’s teaching changed our lives.  My daughter Brielle, who is a non-speaker, was studying violin with Laura.  Laura’s keen teaching instincts led her to believe Brielle could compose.  Starting with a lullaby, I stood slack jawed as my daughter began to type musical ideas to me. Laura created a musical notation board for my daughter to easily convey her thoughts. Brielle went from no access to communication at 8 years old to writing her first symphony at the age of 12.  With Rapid Prompting Method and the teachings of LAURA NADINE DOOLEY the whole world opened up for my child. I am forever grateful.

– Mother of Brielle Stewart 

Tobi Stewart

Mother of Brielle Stewart