As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to integrate into our daily lives, students are encountering mind-boggling challenges that our ancestors could only dream of. Convergent thinking, the tried-and-true method of problem-solving, certainly has its merits in subjects like math and science. However, when it comes to music education, its overemphasis can leave students feeling disheartened and lacking inspiration. Enter divergent thinking, the key to unlocking the boundless creativity and elaboration of ideas. To truly prepare students for the future, classrooms must strike a delicate balance between divergent and convergent thinking, nurturing their innate curiosity and encouraging them to question and push the boundaries of their conclusions.

I have the incredible fortune of waking up each day to pursue my true passion. At Studio Laura Nadine, we strive to create a harmonious blend of online and in-person music education that caters to diverse learning styles and embraces innovative teaching methodologies. Our goal is to ensure that the timeless beauty of music thrives in our rapidly evolving world. Gone are the days when music lessons and practice felt like a chore. We take pride in fostering a learning environment that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities, where students of all learning styles feel accepted and supported.

In March of 2020, I made the exciting move to Toronto, bringing with me nearly three decades of teaching experience to inspire and empower Canadian students. But our commitment to the future doesn’t stop there. At Enlightened Audio, we are dedicated to sustainability. Our eco-friendly product line features non-toxic violin conditioner, and we are currently in the prototype phase of developing a selection of environmentally conscious instruments that no longer rely on rainforest woods. Additionally, we are developing compostable instrument cases to minimize our ecological footprint.

As a professional musician, I remain actively engaged in the music industry. I have released an album of original compositions and am continuously composing film scores. Teaching music allows me to stay connected to the community while expanding my knowledge of various pedagogical styles.

Beyond music, I have pursued my other passions and achieved significant milestones. I am a published author of two books, and my life story has been captured in the biographical documentary, “The Shadow Listener,” directed by John Schaefer. On my blog,, I share a unique perspective as someone living with a disability, teaching students with disabilities, and raising a son with autism. I like to call it the “3 Shoes Perspective.”

In Toronto, Ontario, I reside with my husband Brian, who is a coach and athletic trainer, and my feline companion, Coda, who adds a touch of musical inspiration to our home. My children, Allana and Chey, have grown into young adults and are navigating their lives in New York City and Toronto, respectively.

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