Personalised Training

Personalised courses are dynamic and comprehensive learning modules specifically crafted for ambitious students and dedicated professionals. Each course is meticulously curated to offer an exceptional and well-rounded training experience, empowering students to embark on their journey in the professional music realm with a diverse range of perspectives.

Self-guided Courses

Coming Fall of 2023! I will be launching a brand-new self-paced learning platform. Here is a preview of some of the classes that will be offered.

Intro and Beginner Violin

Intro and Beginner violin are a series of classes that tak you from absolute beginner to Bach Minuet. Learing the bow hold, proper left hand technique, and practice alongside the instructor with guided weekly videos. This course is designed for all ages and all learning types.

Music Composition with Complex Motor Needs

This class is an exciting opportunity for students who are open communicators using any form of facilitated communication. It serves as a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in exploring the world of music. In this class, I will introduce my note for note approach using the MusicBoard, and provide the essential musical training that communication partners or parents may need to support their learners. No prior music experience is required for parents to join this class.

Supporting Students with Complex Motor Needs

This exciting class is specifically tailored for those who are eager to discover effective strategies in supporting their special needs student as a parent, communication partner, or aide. Students with autism, apraxia, or other disabilities that may hinder motor control during the learning process require unwavering support at home. In this course, we will unveil a range of motor support strategies that can be easily implemented, equipping you with essential skills. Don’t worry if you have no previous musical experience – this course is accessible to all!