Norman Bernal Memorial Orchestra

We extend a warm invitation to young individuals and adults from all corners of the Universe to join our exhilarating ONLINE orchestra. Our orchestra is specifically designed to showcase the captivating beauty of musical performances to audiences worldwide. What sets us apart is that there are no auditions required, as we prioritize the educational aspect of the orchestra. Now entering our remarkable 4th season, students are discovering the sheer joy of playing alongside fellow musicians from diverse backgrounds.
Depending on the number of participants, we may divide the orchestra into two distinct groups: Orchestra A, tailored for beginners, and Orchestra B, aimed at more experienced players.
To become a part of this extraordinary experience, members will need:

– A computer equipped with a high-quality microphone
– A webcam for active participation during rehearsals
– A computer capable of running Google Meets
– A dedicated commitment to daily practice
– At least 1 year of experience playing your instrument to join Orchestra A
– 2 or more years of experience to join Orchestra B

Musicians will attend weekly online rehearsals, expertly guided by our conductor, and record their individual parts for the concerts using Soundtrap, an exceptional web-based audio recording software. The conductor will skillfully combine these recordings to create a final concert piece, providing students with the invaluable opportunity to engage in collaborative group projects and experience the dynamics of a studio musician.

The cost of participating in each concert cycle is $175 per student. Each cycle spans a duration of 8 weeks, filled with awe-inspiring musical exploration.

Instrument Section
Years of Experience