In-studio, online or hybrid. Which is right for me?

Choosing the format for lessons feels like a big decision. We all want the best possible learning environment for the student.  Various factors such as the student’s learning style, personality, home support, and age, can influence virtual learning. Schools dedicated to online learning understand these factors and should provide guidance for the student and their at-home support system.

While some people may have concerns about the quality of online lessons, it’s important to acknowledge that online learning introduces a whole new range of tools to enhance the learning experience. By utilizing platforms like online classrooms, online recording platforms, and shared compositional programs, we can engage in interactive online lessons that add depth to the classes while allowing students to learn comfortably from their own space. When considering online learning, we assess factors such as access to a reliable home computer, proper sound and lighting, and a strong internet connection. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; instead, I combine various teaching methods I have acquired over my 30-year teaching career to deliver engaging lessons in the convenience of your home.

In-person lessons offer certain comforts of which we have become accustomed. Traditional in-person lessons often include hands-on correction, eliminating the need for teachers to describe changes in technique they wish to see from the student. In my experience, verbal guidance and leading by example often make a stronger learning impact because it encourages the student to engage in critical thinking. Being in the same physical space allows the teacher and student to play together in real time, an interaction that is hindered by the lag in virtual lessons. This can be partially mitigated in online lessons by playing with the teacher made videos or by using software like Soundtrap that allow the student and teacher to record performances together.

For students who value the flexibility of online teaching but also want in-person support, hybrid lessons can be another option. This format allows you to hold regular online lessons and a monthly or bi-weekly session with an in-person practice partner. I’ve co-worked with many practice partners in the past who were delighted to support our online learning classes right in the student’s home.

Weekly Lesson


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