Working to reduce and reuse plastics and fibreglass!

I am very serious about running a business that enhances humanity. I run a fully inclusive studio, but I felt something was still missing. My business wasn’t eco-friendly enough.

Creating an Eco-friendly line of instruments and accessories has been a huge challenge, especially when it comes to bows and cases. Fibreglass and carbon-fibre are extremely common in the manufacturing of cases and bows, including my own violin case. These items cannot be recycled and there are few alternatives available. Products designed for my animal conscious clients are also made of fibreglass and other environmentally unfriendly plastics and compounds. It is important to me that my products protect both the earth and animal welfare.

Despite cuts to vital income for my home-based business, I have removed all unethical and toxic products from the Enlightened Audio store. I am working 7 days a week to develop and even manufacture my own eco-friendly line of instruments, cases, bows, rosins, and accessories. New products will be posted in our store as they become available so stay tuned!

Old instruments wanted!

I will take violins, violas, and cellos in ANY CONDITION to refurbish for students. I can also accept bows, shoulder rests, and cases. If you wish to send me an old instrument, please feel free to contact me.