A Little About Us

We aim to make music accessible to students regardless of their location or learning style. We firmly believe that every person should have the means to bring the enriching experience of music education into their lives. By fostering divergent thinking, we create a pedagogy that truly embraces the idea that every child has the capacity to learn and play music.

It’s time to break free from the confines of narrow-minded thinking and embrace a new approach. Our future-oriented instruction employs a diverse range of methods to cultivate convergent and synthesis-oriented thinking. Future-oriented thinking lies at the core of our school. We firmly believe that every student is capable of learning music, and so we teach, unteach, challenge conventions, and turn ideas upside down to empower students to create independently. This journey demands effort from both student and teacher, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Online learning, like traditional classroom learning, has its advantages and disadvantages. With the right setup, online learning brings the classroom experience to the comfort of your own home, providing a predictable learning environment and enhancing students’ ability to express their needs clearly. While there may be a learning curve associated with any new approach, online learning offers the flexibility and diverse perspectives necessary for a modern student.

Eco-Friendly Initiative 

We are incredibly passionate about operating a business that not only uplifts humanity but also safeguards our precious environment.
Developing an Eco-friendly range of musical instruments and accessories has presented us with a tremendous undertaking, particularly when it comes to bows and cases. Fiberglass and carbon-fiber materials have become exceedingly prevalent in the production of these components. Unfortunately, these materials are non-recyclable, leaving us with limited alternatives. Additionally, products tailored for our environmentally conscious clientele often contain fiberglass and other plastics and compounds that are detrimental to our planet and its wildlife. It is of utmost importance to us that our products serve as protectors of both the Earth and animal welfare.

Introducing our inaugural product, 1949, a string instrument elixir that is food-grade and non-toxic, specifically designed for cleaning and polishing instruments. Students are taught how to create this elixir in the comfort of their own homes, or it can be conveniently ordered from our webstore.


Stefanie Graef Scholarship

Your incredible support fuels the incredible Stefanie Graef Scholarship, an esteemed accolade that bestows a full year of free private and group lessons. It also provides the recipient with a complimentary instrument, strings, and accessories, ensuring they have every possible advantage to reach new heights of success.

To ensure that every single dollar goes directly to a deserving student, student applicants will be matched with an anonymous private donor. At the end of the one-year program, ambitious students who wish to continue their studies can apply for additional study grants, all thanks to their paired donors. But remember, an interview and audition are required for this incredible opportunity.